Friday, June 17, 2011

Affiliate Marketing 101: A Test Run

As I continue to create lenses for I often research articles and forums about what people write about. One thing that has come to my attention on the inter-webs is the idea of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing seems to have the highest ROI (return on investment) of any other form of advertisement on the internet. 

I have looked at income statements of several well known passive income bloggers (namely, and several others) and what I have found is that affiliate marketing income blows adsense income out of the water! In some cases, affiliate income is as much as 10x to 20x the amount of adsense income for the same time period. 

I plan on posting more about affiliate marketing vs.adsense income in the future. But for now, that is all I can provide. I encourage you to read my two newest lenses below.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Issues with Create a Lens

Am I the only one having issues with creating squidoo lenses? I emailed the squidoo team alerting them to the fact that I have tried to create a lens on several different occasions. Each time I attempted to create a lens I was told it is on the 'Squidon't'.

This issue started about 1 month ago when I was attempting to create my GoGo Inflight Internet Review. I was told it was a squidon't article so I moved along. After 2 weeks I decided to give the same review a try and was allowed to write my lens. I was unsure why I was given permission to write the same exact lens two weeks later, but I was happy I could write so I didn't bother looking further into it.

For the past week I have tried desperately to write about Tablet PC's. I have attempted 20 separate lens names and was rejected each time. Once again, I thought it had something to do with the genre, or type of lens I was writing so I decided to try something else. This afternoon, for kicks, I decided to see if I could write an 'Ode to the Neard' - I thought it might be funny to recognize the 'neck-beard' or 'neard' (pronounced neerd) as a form of fashion for Men. I am almost certain this would not be something that is a restricted topic to write about on, however I was rejected again!

Just now I attemted to write 'Update to an Initial Lens Review' and was greeted by this:

Whoops! It looks like you were creating a lens about one of our SquidDon't topics (which means, for the most part, banned spam or illegal or pornographic content).

You've been taken back 
to try again on a different, friendlier topic. Sorry for the hassle.
P.S. If you've read our SquidDon't policy and think you're seeing this page in error, you're welcome to let us know

What AM I DOING WRONG? Has my account been compromised? Have I been locked out of creating lenses? Does anyone have any details on this?

I have already written to squidoo's team but I do not know when I will receive a response. I am very frustrated today and if anyone out there in the blog universe can explain what is going on, I would be very appreciative.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Make 1 Million... My Progress

It has been some time since there has been a true update on the status of my quest to make 1 million dollars. The reason is that there has not been much to write about. 

Over 1 year ago, my progress was completely derailed due to Ehow's buyout by Demand Studios. At that point, my immediate means of creating passive income online were completely thwarted. At that same point in time my wife was in her third trimester of pregnancy. Needless to say, the ending of the Ehow writers compensation program and the birth of my first child worked to my detriment. 

With less time to search for a new venue for my creative writing, and more time spent caring for a newborn child, it wasn't until April of this year that my free time for writing picked up again. April was also the month that I happened to research If you have seen my previous posts, you will note that I have written 27 articles on over that past month. Since squidoo pays writers on a two month lag, I will not see my first earnings statement until mid-June. I wait for this with great anticipation.

So what's the plan going forward? For the next several months I plan to write squidoo artciles until I am either satisfied, or dissatisfied with the results. By August, once I have built up a significant amount of quality lenses, I plan to diversify my passive income stream. Thoughts thus far are for testing out a few niche site ideas I have, possibly writing a short ebook on a niche topic while I am on vacation, or beginning to incorporate into my squidoo lenses.

As I write my lenses, I plan on posting the best-of-the best to another site such as ezine in order to increase traffic, google rankings and backlink strength.

Although I have been writing online for several years, I have learned alot over the past 2 months about how to drive traffic to websites. In the near future I plan to post (and create a lens) on the top mistakes I have made over the past several years and how you can easily correct them. 

I look forward to posting my first squidoo earnings statement later next month. Feel free to help my cause by checking previous squiddo lens posts.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

GoGo In-flight Internet Quick Review. Thoughts and Reactions

I am currently on my way from Baltimore to Dallas- Fort Worth and I'm flying Airtran Airways. At first I thought to myself, what in the world am I going to do to pass the time? This airline isn't like Jet-Blue airways or Virgin Atlantic, which are the best experience in the air by FAR; but that's a post for another day.

I noticed as I payed for my ticket that the flight would have internet. I asked myself, is this 'internet' that's more like dial-up and let me check my email and sign off because its impossible to do anything else? Or is this, 'let's watch Hulu and YouTube videos as I hop across the United States - internet?

Well without giving a full review, I will give you my thoughts. GoGo In-flight Internet is impressive for only $4.95 per flight (other options are available). I have been able to open multiple instances of my Google chrome internet pages, I downloaded Angry Birds from the Google web store, and I have even been able to get some work done with no lag! I have yet to try a YouTube videos as I don't want to be disappointed. 

I think this GoGo In-flight Internet is a decent alternative to the older airlines 'movie, a drink, and pretzels' style of in-flight entertainment. 

Should I feel more bold later in my flight I may try the YouTube site and update my post... maybe. Again, I really don't want to be underwhelmed due to my excellent experience thus far. 

P.S. Before I post this I should mention that I have not had a single interruption in service thus far. 

Thank you GoGo In-flight Internet.

Monday, May 9, 2011

3 More Squidoo Lenses

I must admit, I started writing these lenses to see if I could make money. It seems to have become an obsession for me rather than a mode for passive income. I like writing about anything I can think of. Some of my lenses may not have alot of written content, but creating these lenses seems to be cathartic. Take my nook magazine lense for example. I wanted to make sure others out there could find the information that I could not on Barnes & Nobles Website:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No More Ehow WCP (Workers Compensation Program) and What to Do Now?!

If you are reading this post you are well aware that there is no longer an ehow writers compensation program for legacy ehow writers through demand studios media. So what are you going to do? I suggest you don't sell your hard work over to Demand Studios. They are not properly paying you for what you could have earned on your well written articles. Well if you are currently undecided, I will tell you what I have begun to do. I have started to port my top earning articles over to Artciles like these:

I have only been with squidoo for about about 4 weeks, and I have not yet been paid. Squidoo tends to pay their writers in arears (they pay with a two month lag, i.e. my April sales will be paid in early June). I do not claim to be an expert at squidoo but I have found the ease of use and speed of publishing to be the best I have encountered at th moment. The one thing I would like to change is their filters on certain topics, like gambling. I am a poker player and would sincerely enjoy writing poker articles on squidoo. If the squidoo does not seem to be for you, feel free to check these sites out (I have heard good things). There are more options then what are listed below, so if you still find yourself dissatisfied with your options, keep looking! Best of Luck as you find a new website to post your articles!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ehow and Demand Studios Cancel Their WCP (Writers Compensation Program)

Let me start by saying I no longer think well of Ehow, or Demand Studios. I was sent the following email about the fact that as of right NOW they will be ending the writers compensation program for legacy Ehow writers. According to the email I have two options. I can either sell my articles to them for a TREMENDOUS DISCOUNT, or I can take my articles elsewhere. I will be taking my articles elsewhere. 

As far as I am concerned, the buyout option for me was a very low-ball offer. The offer was less than HALF of what the annual compensation of the articles were for me last year. These were articles I wanted to collect passive income from for YEARS TO COME and they want me to take less than half of 1 years compensation? I trust you can tell I feel insulted, as much time and effort were put into these articles. As of today, I will start porting my ehow articles to, and I sincerely hope that Demand Media Studios goes bankrupt! You can find my 2 most profitable articles already ported here:


"We want to personally thank you for the time spent writing articles for and helping contribute to the growth of our site. As a valued writer who's written articles for eHow, you know we're a site that is focused on excellence and delivering the best possible experience to our readers.
As you might remember, we stopped accepting user-generated articles under eHow's Writer Compensation Program (WCP) in April of 2010. However, we kept articles published by members like you so all contributors could continue earning money for their work.

As continues to evolve and become a leading destination for trusted information, we are working hard to ensure all content is professionally created and editorially vetted. After much consideration, eHow has decided to close the WCP and remove a number of user-generated articles from the site beginning May 5, 2011.

Now, what's exciting for YOU is that we are extending attractive offers to a select group of great writers to purchase the articles they've written for eHow so that those articles can be vetted through our current editorial process, which includes professional fact checking and copy editing. Needless to say, your great work has put you in this special category!

Beginning today, your WCP console will have the details of your offer. The offer includes the purchase price of your articles, which is based on historical earnings. You will have until May 31, 2011 to accept our offer.

By accepting our offer you are agreeing to sell all the rights of your articles to us.  We would own the articles from that point on, and will have the ability to review and revise them to ensure they meet our editorial standards. Following the acceptance of the offer, you will receive three payments: one for regular earnings paid in June for money earned from May 1-5, and two equal installments for your buyout offer, which will be paid by June 15 and July 15, 2011 via PayPal. However, if you choose to decline the offer you will receive your last WCP payment for money earned from May 1-5 by June 15, 2011.

If you agree to sell your articles, we ask that you immediately remove the articles from any other sites that have published them. If you decline the offer, articles will begin to be removed from However, you will retain complete control of all the content you have written and will continue to have rights to publish them anywhere. Additionally, if you choose not to accept our offer, you'll have an opportunity to retrieve your articles from us between May 17th and May 31st, if you wish to retain them for your records. Further details for article retrieval will be shared through your WCP console.

We truly value your contributions to eHow and know that the site would not be what it is today without people like you. Thank you again and please feel free to contact_________ with any questions you may have."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asus Transformer Article for Squidoo Lens

Well I'm not going to lie, I just did some research on squidoo lenses and the following lens is a bit of an experiment...

I want to see how well this lens does. I don't want to give anything away, so I will write about my experiment in a few weeks.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two New Squidoo Lenses

I created two new lenses on Squidoo during this rainy day. One on the top three blackberry weather apps.

The other is a lens for child birthday party ideas.

They seem to be rather unrelated, actually they are but I hope they work nonetheless!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Japanese Sushi - How to Navigate the Menu

Have you ever sat at a Japanese restaurant and tried to decipher the menu? Hopefully this link will help you with it, or at least part of it...

Can I Wibiya 1 Million