Thursday, May 12, 2011

GoGo In-flight Internet Quick Review. Thoughts and Reactions

I am currently on my way from Baltimore to Dallas- Fort Worth and I'm flying Airtran Airways. At first I thought to myself, what in the world am I going to do to pass the time? This airline isn't like Jet-Blue airways or Virgin Atlantic, which are the best experience in the air by FAR; but that's a post for another day.

I noticed as I payed for my ticket that the flight would have internet. I asked myself, is this 'internet' that's more like dial-up and let me check my email and sign off because its impossible to do anything else? Or is this, 'let's watch Hulu and YouTube videos as I hop across the United States - internet?

Well without giving a full review, I will give you my thoughts. GoGo In-flight Internet is impressive for only $4.95 per flight (other options are available). I have been able to open multiple instances of my Google chrome internet pages, I downloaded Angry Birds from the Google web store, and I have even been able to get some work done with no lag! I have yet to try a YouTube videos as I don't want to be disappointed. 

I think this GoGo In-flight Internet is a decent alternative to the older airlines 'movie, a drink, and pretzels' style of in-flight entertainment. 

Should I feel more bold later in my flight I may try the YouTube site and update my post... maybe. Again, I really don't want to be underwhelmed due to my excellent experience thus far. 

P.S. Before I post this I should mention that I have not had a single interruption in service thus far. 

Thank you GoGo In-flight Internet.

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